Christmas tea gift box based on Rosebay Willowherb (IVAN TEA)


Christmas tea gift box based on Rosebay Willowherb (IVAN TEA)

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 35gm / tea pack
GIFT BOX SIZE: 24cm x 14cm
TYPE: Herbal Tea
CAFFEINE & TANNIN: Decaff (none)

How to brew a herbal tea:

1. Bring water to boiling
2. Put your favourite tea into a teapot with at least ½ teaspoon of tea per cup of water
3. Pour hot water into teapot and let it brew for about 5-8 min
4. You can use tea again for another brew to release more goodness
5. You can even refrigerate your brew for up to a week if desired.

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Christmas tea gift box based on Rosebay Willowherb (IVAN TEA)

Christmas TEA GIFT BOX contains organic, hand picked and fermented Rosebay Willowherb (Ivan-tea) as a base with 100% herbal infusion mixture.

Set of 3 tea packages:
Rosebay Willowherb + Mint + Lavender
Rosebay Willowherb + Marjoram
Rosebay Willowherb + Winter Spice

10 x Pcs Disposable Tea Filter Bags with Natural Pulp
Mini Wooden Spoon

Rosebay Willowherb (Ivan-tea) tea promotes longevity and health, with a smooth, sweet, floral flavour. Rosebay Willowherb has been used safely as a herbal tea for hundreds of years in Siberia, Russia, and throughout Europe, both as a dried green leaf and as a fermented tea beverage. It is 100% natural, eco-friendly product that contains no artificial colouring agents, flavours or preservatives. Rosebay Willowherb (Ivan-tea) is pure caffein and tannin free.

Rosebay willowherb (Ivan-tea) is said to have more vitamin C than rosehips (which has up to 8 times more vitamin C than lemons), as well as containing magnesium and B vitamins. This is supportive to the function of the heart and the immune system as well as being caffeine-free.

Mint benefits: soothes digestion, combats the common cold and flu, reduces fever, improves mental awareness and focus, prevents nausea and reduces stress.

Lavender benefits: induce calm, reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body, supports digestive and aids respiratory health.

Marjoram benefits: for runny nose and colds, dry irritating coughs, and ear pain. Marjoram tea is also used for various digestion problems including poor appetite, liver disease, gallstones, intestinal gas, and stomach cramps.

Winter Spice: Cinnamon, cardamom, clove and anise star. Nothing can go wrong with this simple and spicy hot beverage. It’s perfect to warm up a chilly morning or relax on a cozy afternoon and can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a Christmas afternoon.

This wonderful natural beverage, which I have made with love, tastes fantastic and is sure to put you in a great mood! I hope you enjoy a lovely cuppa!

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