We create beautiful handwoven products here in the UK


My passion for weaving started in 2016 when I attended a Janet Phillips weaving course in Somerset, in the South West of England. Soon after the course I purchased my first loom which was an 8 shaft table loom made by Ashford. This was the same loom I used on my course and was highly recommended.

I started working on projects from my floating home on the river Thames. I find  nothing beats getting inspiration from nature and the natural surroundings.

swan island fog

I love the process of weaving where technical skills are just as important as having an eye for colour and texture. I started off probably like most people and made cushions.

As my technical experience grew I started thinking about other woven products I could make. I started making woven scarves and bags. My partner Richard helps me with all the leather work and creative input. 


I am currently enjoying experimenting with hand dying yarns which I hope to sell in the near future.

Many thanks,