Pure Elderflower Herbal Tea


Elderflower herbal tea, organic, hand picked, caffein-free, 100% natural.

Elderflowers flowers is often associate with summertime. It has delicate and prominent fragrance. The flowers were hand picked at their pick blooming time and carefully dried and preserved to keep its goodness.

The elderflower tea has a mild aroma with a slightly sweet flavour.

Elderflower benefits:
Fighting flu, infection, runny nose and it’s also an antiseptic. Elderflowers have relaxing nervine properties, which support the nervous system through stressful periods. It can help to soothe nerves and anxiety and may assist in reducing symptoms of depression. Elderflower can help to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body.

This wonderful natural beverage, which I have made with love, tastes fantastic and is sure to put you in a great mood! I hope you enjoy a lovely cuppa!

TYPE: Herbal Tea
CAFFEINE & TANNIN: Decaf (none)

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Background: My interest in herbalism emerged from being a passionate gardener. Last year I started to experiment with the hand dying of yarn in particular using natural botanical pigments. I started to collect numerous plants to discover the pigment characteristics but I also learnt about the health benefits too. This is how my tea adventure began. I learnt about the process of collecting leaves and fermenting them at home. I then decided to combine my favourite flowers and herbs to make unique blends. Every combination is set up to serve a particular need of well-being such as relaxation, vitality or a boost of energy.

How to brew a HERBAL tea:

  • 1. Bring water to boiling
  • 2. Put your favourite tea into a teapot with at least ½ teaspoon of tea per cup of water
  • 3. Pour hot water into teapot and let it brew for about 5-8 min
  • 4. You can use tea again for another brew to release more goodness
  • 5. You can even refrigerate your brew for up to a week if desired.
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