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Handwoven scarf with linen and merino wool (Copy)


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Handwoven scarf with linen and merino wool is  poncho size scarf. It could become desirable accessory at a warm summer evening protecting you from light breeze whilst watching the sunset at the veranda. With it’s sophisticated look and linen fibre properties you can wrap yourself into the cosy and warm cocoon.

The scarf has been created using linen and fine merino wool which creates a durable, lightweight and breathable fabric so feels great on the skin and keeps you warm.

It’s a medium sized scarf with a length of 180cm.

The woven fabric is produced using an 8 shaft loom and I have demonstrated a crackle weave technique.

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Handwoven scarf with linen and merino wool


FABRIC – Geometrical pattern weave, linen, merino wool
LENGTH – 180cm (70.8″)
WIDTH – 48cm (18.8″)

Hand wash your scarf only
Please allow to dry flat
Be careful that you don’t pull or stretch as this can cause the fabric to lose its shape.
DO NOT tumble dry

The beauty of hand-woven fabrics is that no two items are the exactly the same so there may be slight differences in the weave, colour and texture.

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