Aquamarine white and silver fleck handwoven cushion

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Aquamarine white and silver fleck handwoven cushion

Contemporary hand woven cushion made with a subtle blend of aqua blue and shades of grey. There is also a sparkle of silver in the yarn.

The front of the cushion is beautiful blend of cotton and wool thread enclosed with a contemporary cyan piping and a grey cotton backing.
Comes with a hollow fibre inner cushion.

This is the only cushion in this pattern.


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Aquamarine white and silver fleck handwoven cushion


FRONT PANEL – Hand woven cotton and wool fabric
REVERSE PANEL- Plain Cotton fabric
OPENING – Zipped
CUSHION INNER – Hollow fibre
HEIGHT – 42cm (16.5″)
WIDTH – 44cm (17″)

Washing Care:
Please only gentle hand-wash the cushion cover.
Do not spin or tumble dry
This cushion is suitable for light domestic use.

Please note:
The beauty of hand-woven fabrics is that no two items are the exactly the same so there may be slight differences in the weave, colour and texture.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

827 reviews for Aquamarine white and silver fleck handwoven cushion

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