Islay Woolen Mill

On my recent cycling tour around Scotland’s inner Hebrides I discovered a hidden gem of a weaving enterprise. The Islay island is famous not only for having 8 distilleries that produce pitted whiskey but also is home to a World famous family run Woollen mill. They produce tartan which has featured in many films and fine tweed which is delivered across the globe to the finest tailors.

Gordon Covell and his wife Sheila re-opened a historic Mill in 198. It still runs two original Dobcross looms. Gordon himself showed us around and we were lucky enough to see his very rare tartan bible that he acquired at the beginning of his venture. Although he has build his name on the designing and production of tartan, tweed still remains his real passion. 

There are sense of craftsmanship in every corner married with industrial heritage. 

Fascinating place.

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